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Tumbling for Dance

Gain that extra edge in your dance competition with the addition of tumbling!


For these classes, students will purchase a punchcard (which will be kept at the gym).  Each time the student comes to class, the card is 'punched'.  So, a student may come as often as they like.  When punches are gone, a new card will need to be purchased.

Punchcards remain 'active' for one year.

Available Punchcards: 

5 Punch - $123

10 Punch - $224

20 Punch - $420

(NOTE: Acro-Tumbling and Tumbling use the same punchcard and are iinterchangeable)

Acro Tumbling

This tumbling class is specifically for dancers who would like to add a little sparkle to their dance routines.  We will cover many of the basic moves for producing great tumbling, and will help you to learn how to incorporate tumbling and acro moves into dance.

Tumbling technique for skills such as front and back walkovers, arials, front step-outs, and back tumbling will be covered.

This class is a 55 minute class for students age 6 - 12.  Punchcards need to be purchased for this class.

Summer Schedule
Acro Tumbling
Acro Tumbling will meet on Mondays at 6:15
Beginning October 2
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