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Ninja Gym

develops a solid base in athleticism; strength, flexibility, speed and more

Tuition for Ninja classes is $85 per month. (Pricing includes sales tax.)

Your child is on the move!

P&G Ninja Gym Program!


Active kids are healthy kids.  They are always ready to move!  Here's their chance to do just that in a fun, safe environment.  The best part?  They'll be learning about the basics of all athletics - how to control and coordinate their movement to learn skills , to use their energy productively to increase their strength, power, and speed and to challenge their abilities in ways they've not done before. 

Our Ninja-Gym program is available for boys and girls and will introduce them to the wonderful world of Ninja-Gym training, combining the skills used to vault over objects, swing from one object to another, leap over spaces, climb vertical walls, and test their ability to meet physical challenges with focus and determination.

School Year Schedule
$85/Month for one class per week
$148.75/Month for two classes per week
We have Beginning Ninja classes for those who are just getting started, and an Intermediate class for those Ninjas that have already aquired some skills!
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