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Power and Grace has a wide variety of classes to fit the needs of all ages! We start with Preschool classes for the very young ... ages 2 years  through 5 years old! Then we have Recreational classes for the school age student ... ages 6 through 12 years; including boys classes.


Lastly, you'll find specialty classes at Power and Grace. For those who want to improve their dance routines, or cheer routines or just want to tumble - Tumbling Classes ages 6-18.  For the middle/high school athlete, High School classes – ages 13 – 18.  

I'm not telling you it's going to be easy,

I'm telling you it's going to be worth it.

Recreational Classes

Our recreational classes have been developed to give the students a solid base in athleticism, increasing their strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power and discipline. Using gymnastics as the teaching tool, students will learn base skills that they can continue to build upon to broaden their athletic abilities.


Within the category of Recreational Classes, we offer High School Gymnastics classes, Boys Recreational Gymnastics classes, and even an Intro to Cheer class!

Preschool Classes

Our preschool classes are designed to provide your child with movement exploration and exercise in a fun and positive environment!  Our lesson plans have specifically selected movements and skills which will enhance your child’s physical development as well as their cognitive development.

Tumbling Classes

Our tumbling classes are geared for those of you who are wanting to learn to tumble whether it's for dance, for cheerleading, or just for fun!  Our beginning classes focus on learning the round-off and  back handspring, back walkovers, and an introduction to front tumbling - such as front walkovers and front handsprings.

The Intermediate tumblers are required to be able to do a round-off/backhandspring by themselves, as the class will focus on moving on in skill level from that point . . . incorporating varying body positions (pike, layout, etc) and twisting.  Aerial skills will also be developed in the intermediate classes.