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designed to provide your child with movement exploration, exercise and fun


Little Hoppers

For 2 year olds. This class is a parent/child class in which parents will participate with their children. Great for bonding as well as getting to know your child's abilities. Each class is 30 minutes in length.

Mini Monkeys

For 3 year olds. In this class your child will be 'on their own' to follow the instructor's direction, learn to take turns and explore what their little bodies are capable of doing. Each class is 45 minutes in length.  

Leaping Leopards

Just for 4 year olds. This class is for the ever-active preschooler who is ready to take turns, explore their surroundings, and always move. Each class is 55 minutes in length.


This class is specifically designed for the 5 year old!  These children will learn the very basics of gymnastics while furthering their athletic and motor skills. 

Each class is 55  minutes in length.

Our preschool classes are designed to provide your child with movement exploration and exercise in a fun and positive environment!  Our lesson plans have specifically selected movements and skills which will enhance your child’s physical development as well as their cognitive development. 


It is known that brain connections (neurological pathways) are developed at this young age largely through the activation of the vestibular system (ves-tib’-u-lar) . . . a system that lies deep within the inner ear.  This system working, with the brain, integrates auditory, visual, and tactile input.  Many of the gymnastics movements - swinging, rotational movement, rolling, etc - help the vestibular system develop properly.  And . . . this is just one of the ways gymnastics helps your toddler develop!


These classes will also help them learn to focus, interact, follow directions, and, of course, become stronger, faster, better future athletes!​


Choose the type of payment plan that suits you!

Each month (on the 1st) the class tuition is invoiced to the student's account.  These fees must be paid by the 5th of the month or they are considered delinquent.  You can choose one of the following methods to pay your account:

Automatic Monthly Payment.  

Simply enter the credit card you would like to use to pay your account, and it will automatically be charged on the 5th of the month.

Parent Portal Payment.

You can chose to log into our Parent Portal (where you can view details about your account), and make your secure payment there.

Pay at the Gym

If you'd rather, you can opt to make your payment at the gym.

*Prices do not include the annual membership fee of $36 per family.  This fee is charged in full annually on September 1st. It will be prorated for families starting in any other month.

 Tuition and Membership fees are non-refundable. 

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