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Raising a confident child, one step at a time

Leopards - 4 Year Olds


Beginning gymnastics skills will start to take form in this 55 minute class.  But that's not all!  Your 4 year old will really enjoy learning all the ways his/her body can move when he/she starts to learn in our Preschool equipped area!  There's jumping off a spring board, bouncing down a trampoline, swinging from a bar, climbing on a rope and even more!  All these things will enhance your child's athletic abilities in the years to come.  You will find that this experience will challenge their boundaries and boost their confidence when they can say " I did it!"

Tuition for Leaping Leopards is $101 per month. 

(Pricing includes all applicable taxes)

School Year Schedule
Leopards - 4 yrs old

Schedule begins August 28
(pricing includes sales tax)

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