Learn to Tumble - For Dance- For Cheer - For Fun!
Tumbling - Ages 6 - 18

Our classes focus on learning the round-off and  back handspring progressing to multiple back handspings as well as back tucks, layout and twisting.  We will also cover other skills such as back walkovers, and an introduction to front tumbling - such as front walkovers, front handsprings and ariels. 

School Year Schedule - Tumbling Classes

Wednesdays at 4:45-5:40 

Saturdays at 9:00-9:55 

Beginning Tumbling will focus on learning back handsprings, round offs, front handsprings.
Advanced Tumbling requires student to be doing round off back handsprings by themselves.


For these classes, students will purchase a punchcard (which will be kept at the gym).  Each time the student comes to class, the card is 'punched'.  So, a student may come as often as they like.  When punches are gone, a new card will need to be purchased.

Punchcards remain 'active' for one year.

Available Punchcards: 

5 Punch - $104

10 Punch - $192

20 Punch - $379