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Providing positive first experiences for the very young!

Little Hoppers Gymnastics


Parents, this is your opportunity to begin a journey with your child.  Together you will discover the joy of learning and bonding while making a positive impact on your child's fitness through gymnastics.  At this early age of just 2 years old, children are rapidly developing physically and having parent involvement in an age appropriate program such as gymnastics can have a significant impact on children's development of motor competence and discovering the enjoyment of being physically active.

In this 30 minute class, mom or dad will be with their 2 year old, guiding them along and having fun in a safe environment.

Tuition for Little Hoppers is $66 per month. 

(Pricing includes all applicable taxes)

School Year Schedule
Little Hoppers - 2 yrs old

Schedule begins August 28
(pricing includes sales tax)

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