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what we do and who we are

Are you looking for something to enhance your child's development? Look no further.


At Power & Grace, we specialize in the developing child. While here, your child will improve in strength, coordination and balance. We all know that athletes are made, not born, and it has been shown that gymnastics helps to develop athletes by developing the fundamentals that are important in all athletics - strength, coordination, and balance.

Power & Grace Gymnastics provides classes for a full spectrum of gymnastics. We offer a Preschool Program for the youngest gym members, classes  for the school age gymnast, the WildCats competitive Cheer team, and the Power & Grace Diamonds, a complete competitive program for girls ages 6 through 18, and an Xcel Team for the 'recreational competitor'.


In Life's Journey, We Must Remember Three Things ...

  1. Always do what is right

  2. Always do your best

  3. Always do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

When we have achieved the highest of goals with these three rules guiding us, we will have certainly attained success - but an even greater success is achieved when we have instilled these values into the hearts and minds of our children ... for this is what will give them the courage to try new things, the stamina to continue on, and the joy found in sharing it all with those around them.

At Power & Grace Gymnastics we feel that there is so much more to develop than the physical aspect of the gymnast. It will continually be our goal to teach to the whole person; to encourage the developing young mind; and to promote the individuality of each child.

...The journey has begun.

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