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She believed she could, so she Did.

Tigers and GymCats - 5 Year Olds


Tigers is a class available to 5 year olds!  They are old enough to start listening to multiple directions, and are just beginning to grasp how to focus on what they are doing for a period of time.  By now they've learned about being in control of their bodies, and are ready to learn how to meet the physical challenges presented to them in a gymnastics environment.


These students will be doing some of the most basic gymnastics skills, and they will learn about some of the technique that goes into gymnastics by learning correct body positions and shapes.  This class will place them in the 'big kids' gym, using a combination of regulation and preschool equipment.

This class is a 55 minute class.

Our newest addition to our 5 year old programing is the GymCats!  This group of 'advanced' Tigers will move onto more gymnastics focused skills preparing them for Prep Team or Intermediate classes.  This class is INSTRUCTOR RECOMMENDED ONLY.  PLEASE CALL THE GYM TO REGISTER FOR THIS PROGRAM - 605-361-3419.

Tuition for Tigers and GymCats classes is $101 per month  (Pricing includes all applicable taxes)

School Year Schedule
Tigers & GymCats- 5 yrs old
(GymCats is Instructor Recommended)

Schedule begins August 28
(pricing includes sales tax)

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