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High School Gymnastics

I never lose; either I win or I learn

Middle School Gymnastics

Our Middle School Classes will provide the 11-13 year old student a place to confidently develop amongst their peers.

These classes are also a wonderful way for the 'new' gymnast who's hoping to 'make the team' to learn her basic skills or brush up on those skills she used to do.

All levels of gymnasts are welcome.


For these classes, students will purchase a punchcard (which will be kept at the gym).  Each time the student comes to class, the card is 'punched'.  So, a student may come as often as they like.  When punches are gone, a new card will need to be purchased.

Punchcards remain 'active' for one year.


Middle School - Wednesday - 6:30-8:00

5 Punch - $168              10 Punch - $320           

School Year Schedule 

Middle School -Tuesday -6:30-8:00

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